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Friday, 11 April 2014 08:36

Vallourec granted ASME certificate for VM12-SHC

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2014-04-11 104011The new ferritic steel grade VM12-SHC developed by Vallourec has been certificated by ASME (Code Case 2781). It has already been used successfully for many years in European design for modern high temperature power plants and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and can now be used for all ASME design. In addition, the product is optimally suited for replacing grade X20CrMoV11-1 superheater pipes in existing power plants. VM12-SHC extends Vallourec's range of ferritic seamless steel tubes for power plants. At the same time, it underpins Vallourec's claim to technological leadership in an application area characterized by extremely high quality demands.

The last three letters of “VM12-SHC” refer to one of the new steel's key properties. Standing for "super high corrosion resistant", they qualify tubes made from this grade for extremely corrosive steam-carrying pipes for high-temperature applications up to 620 °C. The steel's special chemical composition puts it in a performance class unparalleled in its category in terms of creep strength and resistance to steam oxidation.

Outstanding material properties

The ASME certification procedures provided an ideal opportunity for new VM12-SHC to demonstrate its extraordinary behavior under the obligatory tests and checks. As shown by the test results, the steel combines excellent mechanical and physical properties with an oxidation resistance comparable to that of the austenitic steel grade TP347FG and surpassing those of steel grades T91 and T92 by far.

Proven in tests and demanding power plant applications

One of the most important criteria relevant to a material's suitability for a given application is its processing behavior, notably in terms of cold bending properties and weldability. Here too, VM12-SHC passed all the standardized tests (e.g. creep tests, creep rupture tests on tube bends and stress crack detection after welding) with flying colors. Practical experience was already generated on the basis of applications in state-of-the-art coal-fired and combined-cycle power plants in European design.

VM12-SHC is produced at European Vallourec locations. Tubes in the new steel grade are available heat-treated and with wall thicknesses of up to 12 mm.

See the VM12-SHC movie on below also you can download the datasheet from link provided below

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