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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 21:02

Transformation of Steel

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We are interested in the next generation of bending, joining, forming (including roll forming), stamping and folding technology (and any other we haven’t heard of yet!) that will potentially transform our and our customers’ ability to change the shape of our wider range of steel products.

2016-10-11 225840Tata Steel produces an exceptionally wide range of steel products; from 0.13-0.49 mm gauge 1.2m wide packaging steels, 0.37mm – 3.0mm gauge  2.03m wide cold rolled steels, 0.25-0.40mm, 1.2m wide electrical steels, through to much higher gauge, wide hot rolled strip, and in steel strengths ranging from S275 to S960.   Add to this the many different coating technologies we have; hot-dip galvanised, electroplated, organically coated and the range of applications our steels go into (you name it!) then we and our customers have a real challenge in keeping abreast of the optimum technology for turning our high quality products into the complex shapes and systems required for their final application.

The key factors are speed of the transformation process and the accuracy/repeatability.

All technological approaches will be considered, including combinations of different approaches.

Theoretical ideas with no experimental support, funding requests for proof of concept

We are looking for a concise abstract/executive summary.  The proposal should briefly describe the technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background and description of the responding team and their related experience.

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Due Date
November 16, 2016
2016-10-11 225859


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