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Monday, 10 February 2014 09:01

Steeltec presents the new HSX® Z10 special steel

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High-strength and ductile - these are the significant characteristics of the new special steel HSX® Z10. At wire 2014, Steeltec AG, a company of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH GROUP, will introduce the micro-alloy material solution to industry professionals for the first time. With a fatigue limit under tension stresses of 400 MPa, it is ideally suited to precision parts subjected to dynamic transverse loading and high internal pressure. Presentations on HSX® Z10 as well as the new, modular HSX® 90 material concept round off the Steeltec AG information offerings at the GROUP's stand number A16 in hall 17.

hsx 3 opt 700

Already in an as-delivered condition, the high-strength and higher-strength special steels from Steeltec AG have a high mechanical strength and good machinability.

High-strength and higher-strength special steels are the main area of specialization of Steeltec, manufacturers of bright steels. "Delivering strength, versatility and innovation – this is our motto every day, not just for the trade fair," explains Guido Olschweski, Head of Quality Management and Development at Steeltec. "With our new ferrite-perlitic HSX® Z10 steel we have developed an efficient solution for heavy-duty applications in the automotive, manufacturing and engineering, and hydraulics industries." The steels easily meet the demands to which, for example, shafts or pump parts are subjected, specifically transverse loads and high internal pressure. In its as-delivered condition, it has a tensile strength of approx. 950 MPa and an elongation after fracture of 12%. The fatigue strength of 400 MPa under a circumferential bending load demonstrates the material's excellent dynamic loading capacity made possible by selected micro-alloy elements."The carbon content at 0.3% is relatively low," says Olschewski. This makes HSX® Z10 ideally suited for welding, but also for surface hardening. A value of 55 HRC can be achieved through induction hardening. Another advantage that is characteristic of all high-strength and higher-strength special steels from Steeltec: compared to standard quenched and tempered steels, no additional production stages are needed such as downstream heat treatment and subsequent additional processing stages such as reshaping, grinding, and deburring. The result is shorter production and cycle times. Parts costs drop noticeably.

hsx 1 opt 700

In its as-delivered condition, HSX® Z10 has a tensile strength of 950 MPa and an elongation after fracture of 12%.

Steeltec complete their offerings at wire with the introduction of the new steel HSX® 90. With its high variance in mechanical and technical properties, this steel can be engineered specifically for particular requirements of an application. From April 8 to 10, Steeltec will hold two presentations daily on the special features of both material innovations at stand A16 in hall 17. Prospective customers can have a look at examples of applications for these materials such as fuel injection components for engines, a document shredder shaft, and an ebike power unit.

hsx 2 opt 700

The new HSX® Z10 special steel is ideal both for welding as well as for induction hardening.

Trade visitors can obtain additional information at wire 2014 in Düsseldorf or on the internet at

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