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Friday, 02 November 2018 07:09

New SigmaNEST ROI Calculator Now Online

2018 09 03 094302

"What can I expect in savings from a SigmaNEST investment?"  The answer can now be found online, 24/7/365 at:  Every fabricatiion and manufacturing customer we've ever met asks a version of this question, and rightly so. With over twenty-five years of dependable customer data and feedback, SigmaNEST teams know the  ROI value of our solutions, and leveraged existing data to create this ROI tool.  Now, prospective new customers can discover their potential ROI online, anytime, based on their unique materials, machines, and other relevant data.    

SigmaNEST Talks Throughput

Along with a new online ROI tool, SigmaNEST professional Monty Brown has recorded his latest discussion on the cost-saving measures fabricators can implement to drive profitable throughput.    This important topic is customer driven, and also available 24/7/365.  Click here to learn more: SigmaNEST Throughput Savings Webinar.

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2018 09 03 094302

SigmaTEK announces a recent refresh to its SigmaNEST logo, building on the company's leading image among professional fabricators worldwide.

According to Ted Knapke, Marketing Manager, “SigmaNEST's refreshed logo cleanly states our position in the fabrication nesting and automation sector.  By maintaining the integrity of key elements, it honors our past, captures our exciting present, and announces our vivid future.  The symbol, based on Mohr’s circle, is reinforced inside a red square to create a clear bold impact. Mohr’s circle as the classic engineering shape with “no stress points” still communicates our goal more than ever: give manufacturers a value-effective CAD/CAM software that reduces pain points of metal, composite and material cutting.”

Feature Training Friday Draws Response

SigmaNEST, the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting platform, continues to support users worldwide with a constant flow of quality training on features and fundamentals. With its weekly webinar series titled, “Feature Training Fridays,” SigmaNEST provides a dynamic forum for users to expand their knowledge of SigmaNEST products that they already own.  PDM Steel of Los Angeles, California, recently requested additional insight on custom cutting zones.  "Our responsive team is assessing and working on that potential upcoming session," says Christina Donegia, Technical Support Supervisor for SigmaNEST and director of the webinar series.   Real-time feedback is captured after every session.

For SigmaNEST’s “Feature Training Friday” sessions this week, the topic is X1.5's newly implemented soft licensing program, an invaluable topic for all users seeking an upgrade to this newest version, including dozens of enhancements. To learn more about SigmaNEST’s weekly webinars and to see a full list of all upcoming webinars, visit:

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