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Westermans International brings welding versatility to major contract manufacturer

One of the UK’s leading contract manufacturers is reporting major benefits arising from the services available from Westermans International Ltd.  Newcastle upon Tyne-based Responsive Engineering provides a ‘one-stop’ facility that offers a range of services from welding and engineering to machining and fabrication.  It highlights the range of refurbished welding equipment systems available from Westermans, and the company’s detailed understanding of the industry, as central to both its manufacturing activities and its ability to demonstrate its range of services to potential customers.

Leicester-based Westermans has developed a leading reputation for the sourcing and supply of refurbished welding and ancillary equipment which enables users to gain from advanced technology at a fraction of the cost of new plant.

“Responsive Engineering is an excellent example of a company that is benefitting from our approach and track record, particularly as its need to highlight a range of welding technology and techniques to customers is paramount,” says Westermans’ Company Secretary, Claire Spillane, from the company’s head office and factory. 

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Some of the most challenging industrial sectors appear regularly on Responsive Engineering’s customer list – from oil & gas, defence and aerospace to power generation and sub-sea engineering.  The company works with a wide choice of materials including steels, aluminium and super-alloys, meeting a long list of national and international standards within an integrated management system.

“This diversity means we have to supply tailored solutions to specific customer needs so the ability to demonstrate alternative applications is fundamental,” says Ken Simpson, Senior Welding Engineer at Responsive Engineering.  “Because Westermans can supply a vast range of equipment, we can meet this need very cost effectively – and all with the benefit of the company’s ongoing service, not least its comprehensive awareness of welding systems.”

Ken Simpson says recent installations supplied by Westermans include a Bode column and boom manipulator with an ESAB submerged arc welding system and a Lincoln STT mig welder.

“The ESAB submerged arc welding system attached to the Bode column and boom manipulator, has allowed us to carry out high deposition rate welding during the latter part of jetty construction sections, increasing our skill levels in the process whilst rapidly recouping its initial cost,” he says.  The installation allowed Responsive Engineering to weld efficiently both the internal and external faces of the 50mm thick tubulars.  He also notes that the STT process is utilised for the initial weld pass in tubulars and greatly simplifies this traditionally difficult task.  “As a result we have, once again, increased the skill pool available for this operation,” he adds.

The examples that he details also demonstrate how the Westermans’ approach extends beyond the welding system itself.  From positioning and cutting equipment to power sources and fume extraction, the company points to a typical stockholding of some 400 units, all of which have been acquired through its active awareness and liaison with engineering companies worldwide.

“The engineering versatility that we are able to provide for Responsive Engineering arises directly from the cost savings that our methods create,” concludes Claire Spillane at Westermans, “and we are delighted to work with a company that is both a success in its field and one which also underscores its activities with a clear focus on quality.”

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