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Monday, 21 October 2013 08:13

New circular saw from KASTO

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For medium- to large-batch and mass production cutting-to-length of solids, tubes and profiles in most materials, German sawing machine manufacturer, KASTO, has introduced a new, automatic circular saw called KASTOgripspeed C10. It can be fitted with equipment for continuous stock infeed and with various outfeed options, including sorting of cut pieces.

kasto pipe cutting

The automatic, high performance circular saw, KASTOgripspeed C 10.

The high performance machine is designed to process materials up to a tensile strength of 1,400 N/mm². Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades of 360 mm diameter and either 2.5 or 2 mm thick minimise the kerf and hence the amount of metal lost as swarf. For some materials, coated or cermet blades are used.

All such blades have the additional advantage that thin or thin-walled materials can be cut safely and efficiently, expanding the range of applications for which the KASTOgripspeed C10 is suitable. Particularly helpful is infinitely adjustable workpiece clamping with a force of 2 to 12.5 kN for safely securing thin-walled tubes and profiles.

Cutting range of the saw is from 15 to 100 mm diameter for rounds or up to 80 mm for square stock. The smallest cut-piece length is 8 mm, while remnant length is only 65 mm. Material feed stroke is 500 mm, or up to 9,999 mm with multiple feed.

Saw drive power is high at 11 kW to ensure efficient cutting of all type of material. Infeed speed ranges from 10 to 4,000 mm/min and is infinitely variable. The same is true for blade speed, which is adjustable from 17 to 175 m/min. Contributing to short idle time is 10 m/min rapid lift of the saw blade at the end of each cutting cycle.

To maximise productivity, continuous material infeed and outfeed is needed. KASTO offers a wide range of roller conveyors and inclined magazines for bar lengths up to 12 metres. As an alternative to inclined magazines, loaders are available for bundles up to a maximum of 5 tonnes. There are also flat and universal magazines for rectangular and profile materials or for fully automatic processing of cutting orders of small to medium batch sizes.

Several possibilities are available for the outfeed side, including conveyors and various types of automated sorting systems.

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