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Brandt launches new thread tables

Brandt launches new thread tables

brandt 3Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. has designed and delivered pipe handling equipment known as Thread Tables to a number of tube and pipe producers.   These thread tables integrate with the most modern machine tools. These machine tools are big bore lathes, often called “Threaders” and are being used  to produce both API and premium threads on tube and pipe in today’s market place.  Brandt equipment offers a competitive edge by positioning material in and out of the Threaders quickly, keeping up with the improved cycle time’s offered by the latest machine tool suppliers. Maintaining cycle times with threaders is a critical variable to ensure the investment in the machine tool is achieving maximum return.  

The thread table utilizes adjustable stops to position one pipe at a time on the table. The table is designed with four independent idler rolls used to absorb vibration while the pipe is spinning during the threading process. The independent idler rolls were engineered and manufactured to reduce unwanted pipe movement at multiple locations along its length. This dampens the whipping motion of pipe, allowing the machine tool to produce API and premium threads on the end of each pipe with greater confidence.  Pinch rolls are used at the head of the Thread Table to protect the machine tool while elevating V-rolls enable various diameter pipes to be fed into the machine tool at the proper elevation. The new design is meant to eliminate costly repairs caused when pipes bump the machine tool upon entry.  Rotary kicks or paddle arms are used to transfer the pipe with quick cycle times, enabling maximum uptime and productivity.

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The Brandt threading table provides benefits by; maximizing valuable machine tool time, maintaining low cost of production and maintenance, minimizing rework caused by unwanted pipe movement and increasing productivity through quick material handling.

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Based in Regina, Canada, the company specializes in machine and system design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning for the Tube & Pipe industry and has been providing Finishing Floor Solutions to Global customers for over 20 years.

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