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Monday, 17 August 2015 09:59

Weld Purging Provides The Cleanest, Highest Quality and Lowest Cost Welds Ever!

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Weld Purge Monitors® are an essential instrument to help obtain non-oxidised, zero colour welds by monitoring the oxygen level when welding metals such as titanium, stainless steels and nickel alloys where a high quality weld is required.

By striving for zero colour welds, companies can eliminate the post weld cleaning costs, which can be very high, making the cost of each weld ultra significant.

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With over 40 years of innovation, design and manufacturing experience, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®’s hand held, battery driven PurgEye® 100, monitors oxygen levels from atmospheric level (20.94%) down to 100 ppm (0.01%).

Advancing the science of manufacturing beyond other designs, the PurgEye® 100 Weld Purge Monitor®1 is now a fully accredited IP65 standard rated instrument that can be used out on site, in rainy and dusty conditions.

This advanced model is equipped with a push button ‘auto calibration’ feature, which allows the monitor to be calibrated both at atmospheric level (20.94%) and again at 100 ppm, to ensure the accuracy of oxygen levels for quality results.

The newly designed, extra long life sensor allows the user to continue to use the monitor for up to three years before the ‘new’ low sensor indicator appears on the screen. Once that icon appears, it provides the user with adequate time to obtain a new sensor, which can be fitted on site without any complicated electrical wiring to change, thereby saving the operator from having to return it to the manufacturer for recalibration and saving the equivalent of 50% of a new monitor.

It pays to buy the best!

The improved one piece probe assembly is a significant advantage over other models that can leak oxygen, thus distrorting readings.

The PurgEye® 100 has a clear, easy to read LCD screen, offering a 24 mm high display, which is approximately a 41% larger display than the ones used by other instruments. The display also shows a low battery icon as well as the low sensor icon already mentioned.

When the Weld Purge Monitor® is not in use, an automatic sleep mode will activate to conserve battery life.

Quick connect / disconnect, leaktight fittings are an advatage for gas purge tubing. A tripod mount is integrated in the housing, to ensure the Weld Purge Monitor® can be located securely in an accessible viewing position without having to resort to additional clamping fixtures.

The PurgEye® 100 Weld Purge Monitor® is shipped in a new, low volume ergonomically designed, attractive, more robust carry / presentation and storage case to maintain the instrument in good condition and and keep it together with all accessories.

This model can be used with any tube or pipe weld purging system, any weld chamber or weld purging enclosure.

1Huntindon Fusion Techniques Limited, owns the European Registration Mark ® for the Weld Purge Monitor®.

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