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Unison opens its own service and sales office in North Carolina

The all-electric tube and pipe bending machine manufacturer Unison is expanding its presence in North America by opening a direct service and sales office in Asheville, North Carolina. The company’s investment comes on the back of significantly increased sales in the US, which grew by more than 100% in its last financial year.

  • doubling year-on-year sales bolster US expansion

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The UK-headquartered tube and pipe bending machinery designer and manufacturer Unison has been active in the US market since 1999. Initially operating through a specialist distributor, Unison recently decided to establish its own US operation to ensure that its existing and future customer base have access to, and are supported by, the company’s own personnel located within the same time zone.

According to Unison’s Head of Sales, Stuart Singleton, “Virtually everything that Unison makes is customised, and very close cooperation with clients is key to our business model. Many fabricators and OEMs are currently migrating from older style hydraulic tube benders to more efficient all-electric technology, and our new regional office will help Unison to configure and deliver the most flexible and efficient solutions for users' needs. We already have personnel on the ground in the US for 75 percent of the time, installing new machines and servicing our installed base, so it makes sense that they are located there permanently.”

Unison aims to expand its US presence rapidly, as Stuart Singleton points out, “In terms of driving sales, we are actively seeking specialist agencies to work with from both a geographical and market sector viewpoint and would be pleased to hear from anyone who believes that they can add value to our offer.”

Unison's all-electric machines are widely used by tubular part manufacturers requiring high precision, and producing parts in smaller batches and using expensive materials. Its key markets include aerospace, automotive, marine, energy, oil and gas, custom products and many other processing equipment sectors.

About Unison
Unison started in business by developing control systems for metalworking machinery – supplying a number of prominent UK machine manufacturers in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1991 the company moved into machinery design, focusing on machines for tube bending. At that time, tube bending machines were powered hydraulically. In the early 1990s Unison invented a range of machines employing electrical servo-motors for controlling bending motion. These were the world’s first 'all-electric' machines for tube bending. The performance of Unison's new machine design – with its fast and repeatable software-controlled set-up, right-first-time action, low power consumption, and quiet and clean operation – was an instant success. The company has progressively led the tube bending machinery industry by increasing the tubing diameters that can be formed using all-electric motion and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tube bending machines and associated software. In 2014, Unison took another quantum leap in tube bending machine power by developing a servomotor-powered machine architecture that is capable of bending thick-walled piping with diameters of 225 mm and more.

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