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Friday, 04 April 2014 20:39

Miyachi Europe Announces Large Touchscreen Panel for Resistance Welding

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Miyachi Europe, the leading supplier of laser and resistance welding systems, laser marking products, and hot bar systems, announces a new display for convenient, modern and reliable resistance weld monitoring with the Active Welding System 3. The AWS3 provides precision real-time dynamic measurement of all welding variables, remote services, and the ability to save and transfer critical parameters to a USB flash drive. Now available in both standard and large touchscreen versions, the AWS3 Control Panel is a plug and play device, which can be used to upgrade existing AWS3 Active Welding Systems.

The AWS3 Control Panel responds to the increased emphasis on full process accountability, and offers a host of tools required for process development, production monitoring, data collection, and analysis to support all ISO, GMP and TQM requirements. It features two independent measurement channels, oscilloscope functions with zoom and cursor modes, and full on-screen statistical process control (SPC) capability, including run charts, histograms and analyses.


Pushing a button only saves screenshots. The system can be configured the way that it saves data automatically to an USB flash drive or a location on the local area network. The control panel has multiple language capability, contains an integrated clock and date for weld reporting and traceability, and can handle up to 99 schedules with password protection.


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