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Friday, 04 September 2015 12:58

A Bewo automatic cutting line on the Fabtech

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During the Fabtech in Chicago (USA) from 9 up to and including 12 November 2016 Kent Corporation (OH) will be presenting a Bewo full automatic cutting line for tubes. Bewo Cutting Systems B.V. is the Dutch deloper and producer of high performance automating cutting lines for tubes. The cutting line which Kent will be presenting is of the type SCF‑90 Sigma and has a coupled automatic deburring machine. Both the cutting machine as the deburring machine are developed and produced by Bewo.

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The Sigma is for different reasons an exceptionally fast cutting machine. The unique clamping jaw system makes simultaneously cutting up to six tubes possible. The 5,5 kW motor can reach cutting speeds of 50 to 300 m/min. The Bewo cutting line cuts and deburrs as many as 6,000 tubes an hour inline or 15,000 tubes an hour stand-alone.
In addition the Sigma is very user friendly which speeds up the cutting process and the Sigma has extremely short changeover times, with only just a few tools needed. When setting up the cutting line only product specifications need to be entered. De cutting line automatically carry’s out the adjustments to achieve maximum efficiency. Changing the tube length + diameter + clamping jaws takes no more than 10 minutes. Changing the saw blade only takes 3 minutes. That means the complete cutting line including deburring machine is changed over in maximum 13 minutes.

Kent is Bewo’s exclusive distributor in the USA. Kent and Bewo started their strong business relationship over twenty years ago. In addition to Bewo cutting lines Kent also offers coil handling, deburring equipment, welding, accumulators, tube mills and consumables to the metal forming industry. Dean Costello, Kent’s CEO, explains why he is so positive about representing Bewo’s automatic cutting lines: “Bewo is distinctive in many ways. They have much technical knowledge and they provide highly customized cutting solutions. The combination of knowledge and the high degree of customisation makes Bewo very flexible for the cutting line’s configuration and they can easily realise plug‑and‑play solutions. This is just one example of the high standards Bewo lives up to.”

Additional information Bewo Cutting Systems B.V.: Bewo develops and produces total solutions for tube cutting, automated tube cutting machines and manually operated cutting machines. Bewo has a very large installed base and is one of the top players of the market. They have a worldwide network of agents and distributors. Bewo is part of NIVORA Holding B.V.

For further information we refer to our website: You can also follow us on Twitter: @Bewo_NL or LinkedIn:

Additional information Kent Corporation: Kent started in 1971 and now has 37 employees. Kent has sold over 5,000 machines and shipped machinery to 57 different countries. Their world headquarters are in North Royalton, Ohio. Kent also has a sales, service, and manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico and an sales office in Santiago Chile. Kent increases the productivity of the metal forming industry by providing high quality, innovative products and services. For further information, we refer to

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