Ian Melin-Jones

Ian Melin-Jones

Thursday, 30 January 2020 22:15

Weld Purging at a Low Cost

There are many occasions where Tandem Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems are not suitable and welders are often left to construct their own Weld Purging Equipment.

Often, homemade purging devices are unsuitable and can often lead to loss of welds due to oxidation.

Weld Purging Experts Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® manufacture a range of low cost, lightweight Weld Purge Plugs for a variety of applications for pipe sizes 0.5 to 6” (12 to 152 mm) diameter.

Luke Keane, Technical Sales Manager for HFT® said: “Typical purging applications for our Weld Purge Plugs include small or odd diameter pipes, short, complicated or variable size assembles where a purging system or inflatable dam would be too long or other purging equipment may not be available or practical.”

“We manufacture the Plugs in in a number of ready-made kits containing plugs ideally suited for the most popular size of pipes, all of which are available for immediate delivery.”

A Customer recently said: “I have used HFT®’s Weld Purge Plugs and they are very nice. I have operated a lot of Automated Welding Machines with a lot of purging involved. Hands down HFT®’s product is the best I’ve seen.”

Manufactured from engineering quality nylon with rubber seals made of natural black rubber, special Plugs can be made to order with sealing rings made of silicone, viton or nitrile rubbers, making them suitable for use with petrochemical fluids, high temperatures or any other conditions that might arise during use.

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The plugs are supplied with a hollow shaft with an outside ½” BSP thread for screwing on a standard hose connection or solid shaft versions up to 1.5” diameter for pressure testing.

HFT’s Nylon Plugs can be used for many other applications, including garden ponds, pool and spas and on yachts. Other applications include the stopping of pipes to prevent foreign bodies or liquids from entering or gases and liquids from escaping, blocking pipes in order to carry out routine maintenance, repair work and leak testing. As “overnight stoppers” they provide a strong barrier in pipeline activities, to prevent foreign bodies entering the line during downtime.

Made in Wales – Manufacturer of the Year 2019!

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have a Worldwide Exclusive Distributor Network.

Scania, a world-leading Swedish provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, is investing EUR 150 million in a new foundry in Södertälje, Sweden. Scania plans to triple production capacity and achieve a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to the technology and methods used in the current foundry.

Nederman MikroPul Selected by Scania for Dust Collection and Heat ExhangersNederman MikroPul Selected by Scania for Dust Collection and Heat Exhangers

Scania has selected Nederman MikroPul for the supply of six filter plants for air pollution control, including heat exchangers on various work stations from melting to finishing, with a total volume flow of 1.254.000 Am3/h. The largest expected energy savings will be obtained through improvements in the casting process and recovery by heat exchangers, which will transfer heat from the exhaust to the supply air.

"Our offer perfectly met Scania's ambition towards a more sustainable production. We are proud of being part of a project, which will set new standards for modern manufacturing in foundries."
- Markus Schilli, Managing Director Business Unit FS Systems

Austrian-headquartered metal separation, processing and recycling specialist Schaufler has invested in a new machine from fellow native brand UNTHA shredding technology, as the business looks to boost the efficiency of its scrap handling operation in 2020 and beyond.

The Ybbs an der Donau-based company is no stranger to ferrous and non-ferrous materials, having operated in the metals market since 1948. The 120-strong team handles copper, aluminium, zinc and stainless steel from scrap dealers, industry, municipal associations and private households, before collecting, sorting, shredding and selling the valuable recyclates to smelting works across Europe.

But keen to develop from a pure trading company into a specialist recycling company, Schaufler sought a proven, heavy duty pre-shredding system that could effectively process metal ‘waste’ to achieve a high quality, homogenous output fraction, allowing further downstream segregation processes to achieve maximum recyclate yield.

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A world-renowned UNTHA XR3000C was first trialled back in March 2019, using Schaufler’s own materials. Impressed with the equipment’s high throughputs and low wear rate, the organisation has since invested in an XR shredder of its own.

The UNTHA Eco Drive concept within the XR also lowers energy consumption by 75% compared to standard electro-hydraulic drive options.

“In UNTHA, we have finally found a partner who took our wishes into account and provided targeted, solution-orientated support,” explained Paul Losbichler, Schaufler’s managing director. “We have been particularly impressed with the energy efficiency of the machine and would highly recommend both the unit and the supplier."

Now fully commissioned, the high-performance solution is configured to achieve throughputs of 20 tonnes per hour for copper cables, 8 tonnes for aluminium and 10 tonnes for composites.

UNTHA’s sales manager Daniel Wresnik added: “The XR is user friendly, easy to maintain and, as we proved with Schaufler’s trial, it can be adapted to suit clients’ very specific requirements.”

The XR range consists of highly economical, slow-running single-shaft shredders which were specially developed for the coarse, medium and fine shredding of untreated household waste, industrial and commercial waste as well as waste wood. However, minimum operating costs combined with maximum performance make these shredders particularly powerful solutions for recycling applications too. More than 250 XRs are already in operation worldwide.

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