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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 05:04

data M introduces new function "Automatic Report" for COPRA® FEA RF 2019

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The Bavarian company data M is introducing their new versions of COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF at EuroBLECH 2018 with various improvements, particularly the newly developed feature "Automatic Report". This tool shortens the complete verification procedure, providing project managers as well as designers with an abundance of data about the simulated roll forming process.

Managing director Albert Sedlmaier is looking forward to meeting new and existing customers at EuroBLECH: "For years, data M has been developing soft and hardware solutions meant for process optimization and efficiency enhancement. The new releases and especially the new feature Automatic Report are further steps in this direction".

With the function „Automatic Report“, COPRA® FEA RF 2019 allows the analysis of the simulation results geared to each target group. With the function "Automatic Report", COPRA® FEA RF 2019 allows the analysis of the simulation results geared to each target group.

With various auxiliary functions and customizable templates, COPRA® FEA RF 2019 allows for significant time saving. Although simulation times are reduced due to powerful CPUs, evaluation time for designers is increasing with complex projects. The templates facilitate quick and automated breakdown of results, provide numerous analysing possibilities and help with establishing a company standard.

COPRA® FEA RF 2019 pre-processes the results of the simulation geared to the respective target group, enabling the project manager to keep track or the designer to select detailed result quantities due to the reproducible templates. There is even a tailored report for the operator. By this approach, the simulation becomes the "digital twin" of the roll forming machine, providing detailed insights into the manufacturing process.

Depiction of Four-Roll-Welding-Pass in COPRA® RF 2019.Depiction of Four-Roll-Welding-Pass in COPRA® RF 2019.

If requested, all evaluation parameter of interest will be broken down to each individual station. Particularly the designers - usually focusing on specific result quantities- will be called to attention by other important values. The "Automatic Reports" can still be standardized as desired by the customer and thus facilitate comparisons of different simulations.

The latest COPRA® RF 2019 will also be introduced at EuroBLECH. The leading design software likewise has various new functions. Designers can now mark coated or visible areas of a cross section. The primary material is more often delivered with already coated surfaces that must not be damaged by the subsequent shaping process.

Designers can mark coated areas of a cross section in COPRA® RF 2019.Designers can mark coated areas of a cross section in COPRA® RF 2019.

The design of flower and roll tools has been shortened once again, due to the possibility of cutting in points of intersection. Additionally, the roll dimensioning can be laid out in tabular form with the coordinates of the contour points. For producers of round and rectangular tubes, COPRA® RF 2019 will automatically generate a four-roll-welding-pass.

Finally, the axis configurator allows for saving and loading of the axis positions related to each individual project. Following the "digital twin"-concept, the positions can thus be kept up to date in the machine as well as within the project.

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