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The integration between eddy current and artificial vision for surface quality testing

The long products manufacturing market is evolving faster than never. Customers demand more and more quality and conventional equipment is reaching its limits. In the age of internet of things and industry 4.0 customer demands intelligent sensors, intelligent equipment that can communicate directly with other devices to minimize human operations. The NDT (nondestructive testing) procedures have often the privilege to be at the end of the production lines so they can get a lot of information that properly distributed can offer new levels of knowledge that will be key for processes and products improvement.

In the quality domain, customers are demanding new information that combines the traditional ones with the new trends:

-     Statistics of defects

-     Removing critical defects

-     Characterization of defects

-     Pictures and media

-      And  one  important  novelty:  The  assurance  that  the  testing  was  done  in  perfect conditions and the equipment and sensors were validated.

ISEND is company strongly specialized in eddy current testing (ET), a technology for quality control of the surface reliable, repetitive and included in many standards. However, as the industry is evolving and demanding new requirements, ISEND has created new solutions that keep the advantages of ET but includes and complete set of self-checking tools and a revolutionary vision module to fit with an integrated solution the customer’s demands. This is the EDDYEyes® Solution.

At the current season of the TUBE&PIPE fair, ISEND has designed a stand that is specially focused in EDDYEyes as main character. Visitors can see different solutions for different production processes.

-     A full EDDYEyes HOT solution for wire rod and HBQ bars testing.

-     An EDDYEyes COLD solution for cold forming processes of wire, bar and tube.

-     A MATdiscover solution for high performance material sorting.

-     A full HOTdiscover PRO solution for high performance testing in hot rolling mill.

-     Different equipment such as coils and equipment for ET.

In addition, we are also presenting our VACACER (Validation – Calibration – Certification) tool that is intended to make the equipment intelligent and self-sufficient to assure that the testing is done in proper conditions every time.

Here are six reasons because we consider it will be useful for you visiting us at B40 booth

FABTECH Chicago 2017:

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1.- All defects detected by eddy current can be analyzed without having to make visual inspections. It doesn't mean you must review every defect; it just mean you can review those defects you want.

2.- Inspections, including images, may be saved forever to be used in future client claims. It is a powerful tool to engage customers and increase its loyalty.

3.- All critical defects can be analyzed by double inspection. Customers can decide which are the critical defects. It means you can add the intuitiveness of visual images to the power of eddy current.

4.- Defects, that are not detectable by eddy current, can be detected, such as long defects and state of noses and tails. You don't need a complex training to set up the system, because most of the defects are detectable by eddy current, so you only need to put focus in a few types.

5.- External expert support can be used to analyze critical defects. Sometimes you'll have results that you'd like to check with an expert. The images give you the capability to do it online.

6.- Periodic defects can be visually confirmed before proceeding to roller replacement. It means that you won't be surprised by false positives.

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ISEND has developed a solution called EDDYEYES which is composed of an integrated eddy current inspection system fully integrated with an artificial vision system. Both are synchronized to allow a precise association between both methods. If you want to know more, visit us at HALL B BOOTH B40 and we will show you the advantages of having ET and vision working together.

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